Regulatory Compliance Associates® Inc.’s background and experience in the Pharmaceutical industry has helped thousands of companies meet regulatory, compliance, quality assurance, and remediation challenges, in addition to their strategic consulting needs.

With more than 20 years of experience with FDA, Health Canada, EU and global regulatory agencies worldwide, RCA offers leading pharmaceutical expertise to help you navigate through the challenges associated with evolving industry regulations.

Our team of over 500 seasoned FDA, Health Canada and EU compliance consultants and regulatory affairs experts can understand the complexities surrounding the pharmaceutical industry and the unique inner workings of the regulatory process. 


Client Solutions

Whether you’re in the product planning, development or pharmaceutical lifecycle management stage or need a remediation strategy for a compliance crisis, RCA® Inc. will guide you through every step of the regulatory process and create a customized approach depending on your product and your pharma company’s individual needs. Our clients include:

  • Companies new to FDA, Health Canada or EU regulations and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Start-up organizations with novel submissions to 510(k) submissions from multi-national corporations
  • Investment firms seeking private equity due diligence for pre-acquisition and post-deal research
  • Law firms seeking expertise in the remediation of warning letters, consent decrees, 483’s or import bans


Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory affairs is Regulatory Compliance Associates® Inc.’s backbone and we fully understand the complexities of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. Our expertise spans all facets and levels of Regulatory Affairs, from Regulatory Support for New Products to Life Cycle Management, to other services like Outsourced Regulatory AffairsSubmissionsTraining, and more.

As your partner, we can negotiate the potential assessment minefield of pharmaceuticals with insight, hindsight, and the clear advantage of our breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. We offer the following four regulatory affairs services for pharmaceutical companies.


Compliance Assurance

The regulations process surrounding pharmaceutical companies can be tricky for even the most experienced industry veteran to understand, and just one misstep could mean significant and lasting consequences for your business. At RCA® Inc., we offer the experience and resources necessary to guide you in quality compliance.


Quality Assurance

Regulatory Compliance Associates® Inc.’s Quality Assurance services include assessments, strategy, implementations, staff augmentations, and identification of quality metrics to ensure continuous improvement, aligning with your business needs and goals. Our consultants are quality experts with experience spanning major corporations and start-ups. We know firsthand how to achieve, maintain, and improve quality, and we excel in transferring this knowledge to your organization.


Remediation Strategy and Support

Regulatory Compliance Associates® Inc. has significant experience and a proven approach to managing FDA Warning Letters, Consent Decrees, Remediation and other serious regulatory situations. We know how to partner with executive, legal, and communication teams, and will assist management with a response that will be accepted by the regulatory agency and be realistic to execute. We can develop a comprehensive proof book of documented objective evidence demonstrating the corrective actions taken to remediate non-compliant issues. In addition, RCA can help prepare a comprehensive strategy to assist in your remediation efforts, drive continuous improvement, and maintain compliance with the regulations.

As the backbone of RCA, our regulatory affairs services are equipt to handle unique regulation challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, from New Product Support to Life Cycle Management. We manage regulatory needs throughout the pharmaceutical industry.
Whether you need a regulatory strategy to get a drug approved, an implementation plan for a new project or a corporate needs analysis, RCA's team of seasoned experts provide the insight you need to help you comply with standards, reduce costs, assess personnel and complete other vital tasks associated with strategic planning.
RCA's quality assurance services for pharmaceutical companies include assessment, analysis, implementation and identification of quality metrics for continual company improvement. Our expert team has firsthand knowledge of the steps needed to improve the quality of your organization and will provide you with the services necessary for your pharmaceutical business to implement and maintain this knowledge.
With increasing industry compliance demands, life science companies are feeling growing pressure from regulators. RCA's compliance assurance experts help you thoroughly prepare for audits, respond to regulatory agency findings and remedy an unfavorable event through services such as mock inspections, FDA inspection training and implementing a response plan.
At RCA, we understand how significant an impact a compliance crisis can have on your business. We partner with your executive and legal teams to provide the ideal remediation strategy for your situation and assure the best possible outcome.


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