Medical Device Compliance Assessment

As regulations become more plentiful and stringent, medical device companies face increased issues surrounding compliance. Conducting a compliance assessment can help your organization maintain FDA quality standards and enjoy more efficient production. At Regulatory Compliance Associates® Inc., we offer an array of assessment services to help you stay within regulatory guidelines and deliver the best products to your end users.


Regulatory Compliance Associates® Inc. knows how quality and compliance crises can significantly impact your business—and we have the experience to manage them. Our areas of expertise include identifying and assessing any deficiencies to help determine the best approach and solutions. 


We’ll work with you to navigate a variety of areas, such as:


  • cGMP
  • ISO
  • Quality Infrastructure
  • CAPA
  • Validation
  • Facility and Maintenance
  • PAI


FDA 21 CFR 820 Compliance

compliance assessmentAll medical device companies in the U.S. are required to adhere to FDA standards. Specifically, FDA 21 CFR part 820 — also known as the Quality System Regulation — outlines current good manufacturing practice (cGMP). This regulation sets the standard for the methods and facilities you use to manufacture products and handle design, manufacturing, labeling, packaging, storage and other factors regarding your medical devices.


Because the Quality System Regulation outlines such a broad array of requirements, it can be challenging for medical device companies to maintain compliance assessment metrics. RCA takes the stress out of regulatory compliance with our range of assessment services. You can sit back and focus on your business operations while we identify any challenges your business faces in maintaining compliance. We’ll then work with you to thoroughly prepare your metrics and documentation for an FDA inspection.


Mergers and Acquisitions / Due Diligence

When a life science company considers a merger or acquisition, it is easy to think of the deal’s risk as a potential conflict with the FDA or its equivalent in other countries. The due diligence team looks for 483s, Warning Letters, notified bodies and findings, and product recalls. But more often, the real reasons a deal doesn’t deliver value are strategic, cultural, or technical. It’s these value-destroying areas that need to be explored during due diligence.


RCA leverages its global experience with acquisitions and divestitures to navigate the gray areas of due diligence and help eliminate uncertainties often inherent in a complex deal. These include:


  • Regulatory Due Diligence
  • Quality Due Diligence
  • Facility / Equipment Assessment
  • Personnel Assessment
  • Risk Identification and Mitigation Planning
  • Post-merger Integration

Additional services related to assessments include:


  • 21 CFR Part 11 / Annex 11 Assessment
  • 21 CFR Part 820 Assessment
  • ISO 13485 Assessment
  • ISO 9001 Assessment

Maintain FDA Compliance With RCA

Whether you’re a large Fortune 100 corporation or a local business getting its start in the field, you should know that any medical device company can benefit from compliance assurance. RCA offers all the services and support you need to maintain compliance with 21 CFR 820 and other industry regulations.


With more than 15 years of experience with assessments and compliance assurance, RCA is the top choice of thousands of life science professionals. We offer assessment services based on the keen insights of our hundreds of industry experts and FDA veterans, so we have a first-hand understanding of what it takes to maintain compliance with the FDA and other agencies.


Contact us for more information about our assessment and due diligence services.

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