Diversity and inclusion programs at Regulatory Compliance Associations® (RCA) are strategically designed to attract, develop, and retain the industry’s most skilled and professionally talented individuals regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, or disability status.


RCA’s unique passion for sourcing the most diverse employees is based on a principle that we all have an individual responsibility for inclusion success. We provide our employees with both training and tools to help increase their understanding of cultural differences and why they matter. Our goal is to increase the unique mix of viewpoints across our organization, so our team can fully contribute to a high-performing culture.


Women in Leadership

While RCA celebrates International Women’s Day every year in March, our entire leadership team instills the principles of inclusion into our everyday business. Below are several members of our Leadership team and their perspective of why female leadership in a regulatory and compliance environment makes our team better.

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Erika Porcelli – Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Erika Porcelli


“Inclusiveness for any organization is critical for bringing unique perspectives to business. When we analyze our changing environment, the benefit we appreciate is the ability to develop thriving relationships based on unique differences in our audience. We are invested in learning their cultural beliefs that accelerate the relationship-building process and understand our client’s challenges. It helps our team develop the soft skills needed to deliver world-class solutions around the world.”


Karen Altemoos-Kastner – Senior Director of Operations and Client Experience
“Diversity involves the entire organization to become better than the individual contributors, making us stronger as a company. We serve many specialties in the healthcare field and all companies have distinctive needs for each project we support. Our diverse skill set helps provide expertise and solutions for improving our client’s operations or helping to navigate regulatory problems. Inclusion improves our ability to employ deep subject matter experts with life experience skills to provide the best solutions.”



Danielle ScesaSenior Director of Recruitment


“The benefit of diversity is reducing the limitations of knowledge and experiences. There are so many capabilities our people bring from having diverse backgrounds. When we increase our diversity of thought, we can provide more robust solutions to our global clients and find the right candidates to help them accelerate their regulatory and compliance programs.”




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