Cytotoxicity Testing


In this soundbite from RCA Radio, Dr. Helin Raagel and Dr. Matthew Jorgensen from Nelson Labs explain why the Cytotoxicity test during a biocompatibility evaluation is the most important test you will run.



What is Cytotoxicity? – Cytotoxicity is the degree to which a substance can cause damage to a cell. A substance or process that causes cell damage or death is referred to as cytotoxic, “cyto” meaning cell and “toxic” meaning poison. (Will the device kill or harm the cells it comes in contact with?)


There are three reasons why the cytotoxicity test is the most important test you run during a biocompatibility evaluation.

  1. The test can be run quickly.
  2. It is the most cost-effective test in an evaluation.
  3. Most evaluation concerns come from the cytotoxicity results.

Listen to the full episode “What is Cytotoxicity?” now!

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